Unofficial Tentacles Thrive Wiki

Every tentacle in the game has their own parameters, that help them excel in one field or another. These fields include Hunting, Exploration, Scouting, Patrol, Transportation and Training.

Stats can be divided into Battle Stats, Traits, Effects and Benefits.

Battle Stats

HP - Health of a unit. The higher is the number, the more hits it requires to be injured during a battle

Attack - Strength of a unit. Having high attack makes a unit deal more damage towards other tentacles, decreasing their health by the number of the attack stat.

Agility - Ability of unit to evade attacks (confirmation required) (See Pic. 2)


Butanga Stats.png

Tier - shows the overall strength of a tentacle species. The higher is the number, the longer it takes to spawn the creature during battle and the more hearts it requires for it to gain a special ability (aka an 'effect') before it spawns.

Camouflage - used in Patrol, Scouting and Hunting. Lowers the chance of failing the mission (confirmation required).

Intelligence - used in Training. (description required)

Traveling - used in Patrol, Exploration and Transportation. (description required)

Endurance - used in Transportation.

Cooperativeness - used in Exploration. Lowers the chance of failing the mission (confirmation required).

Appearance - (description required)

Senses - used in Scouting and Hunting. Increases the amount of intelligence gathered during the Scouting missions and increases the amounts of food and hearts and food collected during Hunting missions. (confirmation required)


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Every tentacle has its own unique passive in-combat ability that differentiates it from other species. These abilities can only be used during battles and can only be activated when a creature is given enough hearts during battle.

Effects can include damage reduction, stats increase, damage amplify and other. (see Pic. 2)


Benefits are out-of-combat special abilities that can give advantages to a player on the global map. These can include an access to new areas, chances to save turns when doing certain actions, stamina boosts and other useful abilities. (see Pic. 1)



Stats table

There is dedicated page for all in-game tentacle's stats. Visit the table page.